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Debbie Chatfield

Tree Winds

Tree Winds

Whispering Woods Collection

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Acrylic on Panel 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8)

Art Materials

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Wood Panel

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Acrylic on Panel 20cm x 20cm x 5cm (8" x 8" x 2")

Care Instructions

This product has a protective acrylic coat and then is finished in Cold Wax Medium so avoid extremes.

Heat, Cold, Dampness: Fine art – avoid extremes of heat, cold and dampness. The painting is fine with normal temperatures in a climate-controlled location, but you should avoid leaving it in a hot car for any length of time. Cold wax is an archival medium that continues to cure over time.

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Nature Framed Collection in Art Gallery

My inspiration behind Nature Framed and Reflections

I always look for the windows that occur when I'm out and about, sometimes it's nature itself that frames.. An oak overseeing a Rapeseed field, an Avenue formed over a lane or tree leaves framing a scene beyond.

Sometimes it is our landscaping that frames and then nature curls it's way back in and frames again, the Laburnum on an arch frames the bandstand from a distance.

Reflections can be seen both in water naturally or man-made mirrors or reflective surfaces.

It's all about seeing things from a different viewpoint.

And capturing the moment as nature with her seasons is always transient... I love that the more you see, the more you see!

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