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Debbie Chatfield

Let's Create Monochrome - Half Day 12th September

Let's Create Monochrome - Half Day 12th September

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Join me in my art studio for this half-day workshop that will ignite your creativity and expand your art skills. In this class, you will learn various techniques and explore different materials to create stunning pieces of art.

Each workshop in this series focuses on a specific theme, such as working with gold leaf, using a square format, incorporating collage into your artwork, abstracting your art from photos and sketches, and introducing cold wax. 

Upon arrival at 9.30 am, you will be greeted with a warm cup of coffee and a friendly chat. I will guide you through setting up the materials and introduce you to the rest of the small group. With a limited class size of maximum six participants, I can provide individual attention and cater to your specific needs.

We will be working in sketchooks, and I encourage you to bring your own inspiration. However, if you don't have any, don't worry, I will have some on hand. The focus of these workshops is to explore your own intuition with prompts and new tools / materials. 

In my studio, you will have access to a wide range of tools and materials, giving you the freedom to experiment or focus on one specific medium. Throughout the day, I will share fantastic new techniques and answer any questions you may have.

The workshop is designed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, where you can fully channel your inner artist. During the day, refreshments will be provided.

Please note that this workshop is suitable for adults and children aged 12 and above. Children must be accompanied by an adult, who will also need to purchase a separate ticket.

Knowledge required

  • This is a beginner to intermediate class. It is also suitable for more advanced artists who wish to try out different mediums or move from realism towards abstraction.
What you'll get
  • All art materials including acrylic and mixed media, if we are working with a specific medium e.g. cold wax that will be provided on the day. You can see specific workshops when booking dates.
  • All Tools and Brushes
  • Refreshments - Tea, Coffee and Biscuits throughout the day
What to bring
  • Please wear old clothes or bring an apron - It can get messy!
  • (Optional) You may have favourite brushes or paint colours you may wish to bring.
  • (Optional) Table Easel
  • Your inspiration - I work seasonally so whatever is inspiring you at the time. This can be in the form of photos or sketches
  • A Sketchbook either to work in or glue work into

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Nature Framed Collection in Art Gallery

My inspiration behind Nature Framed and Reflections

I always look for the windows that occur when I'm out and about, sometimes it's nature itself that frames.. An oak overseeing a Rapeseed field, an Avenue formed over a lane or tree leaves framing a scene beyond.

Sometimes it is our landscaping that frames and then nature curls it's way back in and frames again, the Laburnum on an arch frames the bandstand from a distance.

Reflections can be seen both in water naturally or man-made mirrors or reflective surfaces.

It's all about seeing things from a different viewpoint.

And capturing the moment as nature with her seasons is always transient... I love that the more you see, the more you see!

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