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  • Complementary Colours - How to Use them in a Painting

    How to use complementary colours in a painting.  And which colours are complementary?
  • Secondary and Tertiary Colours

    Secondary and Tertiary Colours - What are they and how to consider them as an artist.
  • Exploring the Colour Wheel

    What is a Colour Wheel?  

    A colour wheel is simply... 'a circle with different coloured sectors used to show the relationship between colours' 

    In this blog explore how understanding this useful tool can help when planning your paintings and mixing colour.

  • How to use Flow Improver + Slo-Drying Medium to make Acrylic Act like an Oil!

    What are you talking about?  In the last blog you used flow improver to make acrylic act like a watercolour.  Now your saying you want to make it ...
  • How to use Flow Improver to make Acrylic Act like a Watercolour!

    Learn how to make Acrylic act like a Watercolour using Flow Improver, also known as Flow Aid.
  • Titanium White vs. Mixing White

    What is the Difference between Mixing White and Titanium White? Most people use titanium white as their 'go to' white but what are the advantages ...
  • Seascape - Oils over Acrylic

    Here is my finished seascape.  I started it in acrylic and then on one of our 'Out and About' days it was chucking it down so instead of acrylic ...
  • 'Paint with Debs' On-Line a Behind the Scenes View

    My classroom setup on Tuesday morning. 'Paint with Debs' Thought you might enjoy seeing a pic behind the scenes.  This is what the classroom looks...
  • Ivory Black vs. Mars Black

    Photo by Dids from Pexels In this months 'Paint with Debs' this question arose so it got me thinking about black... Which cast me back to the star...
  • Seascape Part 1 - Composition and Colours

    I have never thought of myself as a seascape painter but this term has all been about water and texture so it seemed a natural thing to do. We have...
  • Seascapes - Wave Direction

    Seascapes - Wave Direction We have been creating seascapes in class, the results of which I will post on my Facebook page soon.  Meanwhile I thoug...
  • Christmas Paintings - Ready for our Christmas Cards

    Christmas is approaching and we have been preparing our Christmas cards.  Here are three paintings all ready for photographing into a card format,...