Seascapes - Wave Direction

Seascapes - Wave Direction

We have been creating seascapes in class, the results of which I will post on my Facebook page soon.  Meanwhile I thought it would be useful to point you to a blog I found about how to draw a wave. 

👉 'This surf art tutorial is ... by Bob Penuelas, an illustrator famous for his surfing comic strip, Wilbur Kookmeyer.'👈

When you are trying to visualise the direction of the wave it is sometimes difficult, particularly as it overlaps.  It can be helpful to imagine it as an open cylinder.  By seeing the direction the wave in this blog is drawn in a step-by-step way I hope this will help you paint your waves using brushstrokes in the right direction.  Contact me to let me know what you think?

Next term we are spending a whole term on water - another seascape, a waterfall, reflections in a Lake and a stream... lots more blogs about water to come - looking forward to it!