Painting Fur and Feathers in Acrylic

Painting Fur and Feathers in Acrylic


As I'm writing this blog Dotty came and sat on the keyboard, she loves to help!  So I thought as I'm blogging about fur I would capture her, you can see how close she is by the angle.

I wrote this and the painting realistic cats eyes over the Summer but as I've lost the old blogs I am re-surfacing some of them on my new website, here are the videos on fur and feathers that I highlighted at the time with a few points to take note of. I hope you enjoy these videos, I’m hoping to have some of my own very soon! 


In the following updated video by Lisa at Lachri fine arts demonstrates how to paint a realistic owl. She uses black within this painting and explains how she paints furthest back first. If the feathers are dark underneath then work dark to light. Note with the black if you wish to have a more opaque black use mars black, for transluscent use ivory black. She uses oil paints on top which some of you may find of interest. Enjoy… 


Block out fur, not worrying about the texture at first. Do think about the brushstrokes… they must be in the direction of the fur! 

Here is a video from the Art Sherpa about how to paint fur; it includes suggestions for fur colour which is very useful. 

Any queries contact me or get in touch in the comments below. 

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