How to Paint Realistic Cats Eyes in Acrylic

How to Paint Realistic Cats Eyes in Acrylic

Tiger – by John K. Thorne – Flickr  

I thought I would re-post this blog which covers ‘How to paint Cat’s Eyes Realistically’ as we're painting tigers in class. 🐅

Enjoy it…  

There are a few tricks to painting realistic eyes in acrylic. It’s all in the observation but often they just don’t look right without a catch light or two. Eyelashes can be a danger too, overworked or all the lashes like soldiers in a line. Here is a video from the Art Sherpa to help you along the way. Note she suggests if you want realism then paint on a flat (not textured) surface. This follows for all realism. 

If you skip to 7.50 minutes that’s when she explains about painting a realistic cats eye and how to use your reference material. If you skip again don’t miss the highlights at 54.00 mins… 

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