How to Paint a Bald Eagle in Acrylic

How to paint a Bald Eagle in Acrylic

I'll show you all the techniques needed to paint a beak, eye and feathers as well as going over how to create the background so that you can do your own version of this painting from start to finish. I've already covered how to get the drawing for this painting in my last video, bellow is the link...


Colours Used

Cadmium Yellow, Permanent Rose (or Cadmium Red), Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Mars Black

Time Stamp for the Steps in the Bald Eagle Acrylic Painting

How to Paint the...

00:39 Background

03:54 Beak

06:52 Eye

09:52 Feathers

12:49 Brown Feathers

I hope you enjoyed this video!