Frequently Asked Questions

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What equipment do I need?

Each month I will provide an equipment list for the project.  I have an initial equipment list in Getting Started.  You will also need access to a smart phone, tablet or computer.  If you wish to join in the Q & A sessions I run these through Google Meet, I will provide a link for you to click and follow with a password to the meeting.

Do I need previous art experience?

No, I will talk you through each step.  I will cover techniques needed for each painting, your skills will grow.  Additionally you will have access to two Q & A sessions a month together with individual ways of contacting me with queries.  I do a Face-to-Face once a month individual meeting to discuss any issues you have but I am contactable by email at other times, please get in touch if your stuck.

What paint do you use?

I generally paint in acrylic but will sometimes use other mediums such as watercolour.  I will make sure you can always do the painting using acrylic paint.

Does this mean you only teach on-line now?

Not at all, I run Classes, Workshops and Painting Holidays but during this period of uncertainty I am running a restricted face-to-face service; I have decided to go on-line as well.  I plan to continue on-line even after classes resume as I can reach more people this way.

Where do I start?

If you go to the Getting Started guide this gives you an initial equipment list and where to buy on-line together with a navigation of the members area and how you would approach your first month.  I have a video tour in the members zone on 'Paint with Debs' Getting Started area which shows you around the site.