'Helping you to capture those awesome moments in life'

Following this, despite continuing ill health, I decided to do a creative degree with the OU this gave me a greater understanding of how to be creative.

I took music and creative writing (not art!) I loved it but realised that music wasn't where my passions lay and to be honest there were times I was so ill I couldn't practice.

I did it! I think it took me seven or eight years but I was a proud owner of a BA (Hons) Humanities Degree with Creative Writing and Music. I was so proud to have managed this.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What equipment do I need?

Each month I will provide an equipment list for the project.  I have an initial equipment list in Getting Started.  You will also need access to a smart phone, tablet or computer.  If you wish to join in the Q & A sessions I run these through Google Meet, I will provide a link for you to click and follow with a password to the meeting.

Do I need previous art experience?

No, I will talk you through each step.  I will cover techniques needed for each painting, your skills will grow.  Additionally you will have access to two Q & A sessions a month together with individual ways of contacting me with queries.  I do a Face-to-Face once a month individual meeting to discuss any issues you have but I am contactable by email at other times, please get in touch if your stuck.

What paint do you use?

I generally paint in acrylic but will sometimes use other mediums such as watercolour.  I will make sure you can always do the painting using acrylic paint.

Does this mean you only teach on-line now?

Not at all, I run Classes, Workshops and Painting Holidays but during this period of uncertainty I am running a restricted face-to-face service; I have decided to go on-line as well.  I plan to continue on-line even after classes resume as I can reach more people this way.

Where do I start?

If you go to the Getting Started guide this gives you an initial equipment list and where to buy on-line together with a navigation of the members area and how you would approach your first month.  I have a video tour in the members zone on 'Paint with Debs' Getting Started area which shows you around the site.

'Creativity makes me smile, I feel lucky every day to be able to do what I do'

New Art Studio

Then 2020 happened, my student numbers dropped and I had to go onto Zoom.

I focused on creating my own art studio, we had our garage converted, you can see it on YouTube... this is where I now paint my own art and run workshops from my lovely village (Bradley) in rural Staffordshire,, UK.

Paint with Debs

I now am also very fortunate to have beautiful grandchildren and it is important to me to balance work and family. My health has improved a lot but occasionally it still trips me up. Lockdown was hard, I lost students but it showed me there could be another way I could share what I know online, I started Paint with Debs online.

And for me sharing is the most important thing about my art, I am trying to connect the wonders of life through my work and that connection includes sharing what I do as well as what I paint.

So what my illness taught me was to observe and appreciate life way more, it's what I want for you too. During the very poorly times I couldn't get out so the outdoors means a lot to me and the more I painted the more I realised the little things are so important and I want to capture them.

For those of you who want to paint I want to share the joy of capturing a moment in life with you too.

The joy of capturing on canvas is what I want to share with you.

I believe everyone is an artist, ask any child they are already artists but somewhere we lose ourselves. If you have always wanted to be an artist, need techniques to help you along the way or simply want to find out who you are, who is the inner artist within you and you want to find your style then I will help you to do that.

But if you simply want to experience the joy of the wonder's of life on a canvas then this is what I truly share. I want you to benefit from my experience,

The illness made me appreciate life, connection and how precious that is. So what I share on canvas is my view of the little moments and I love it! I want to bring those uplifting moments into your home to bring you that feeling of joy and wonder that nature offers... I want to bring the outside in!