Gone Tribal - Questions of the Palette

Gone Tribal - Questions of the Palette

Gone Tribal

With Debbie Chatfield

All the cool kids have a ‘Tribe’ nowadays.

I have always been an advocate for social media, not always totally understood it but if there’s an easy way to connect with my followers, likers, students and champions then I’m all for it.


So, I’ve been happily plodding along sharing information with everyone via my Facebook page, newsletters and blogs.  Until earlier this year…Facebook have a wonderful world of insights and as a bit of a tech geek I notices that the informative posts I spent so much time creating were no longer reaching as far and wide as they used to.

Deeply annoyed by this I did a bit of research and it turns out that Facebook have made some amendments and due to the changes to the algorwotsits, having an informative page is no longer enough, but ‘groups’ are the way to go.


So, after more research I found out that groups are an amazing way to interact and engage with your followers, likers, students, champions…And that followers, likers, students and champions are collectively referred to as your ‘Tribe.’


A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and created a group for my very own ‘Tribe’ called Questions of the Palette, and it’s taking off really well.  It’s growing into a fabulous community of people from various walks of life, with a ray of abilities and skills, all with one thing in common…a love for all things art and creating.


With a variety of daily topics, top tips, special features, it’s also a great platform for my ‘Tribe’ to showcase their own artwork and invite feedback if so desired.


No funny handshakes required!

If you haven’t jumped on board and joined my QOP ‘Tribe’ then what are you waiting for.  Pop along and get involved, we’d love to hear from you.


Questions of the Palette

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