Christmas Paintings - Ready for our Christmas Cards

Christmas Paintings - Ready for our Christmas Cards

Christmas is approaching and we have been preparing our Christmas cards.  Here are three paintings all ready for photographing into a card format, we've even left the snow on the bottom for our Greeting.

If you want to send out your own Christmas painting just take a decent photograph.

Tips for a great photo:

  • Wait for an overcast but bright day to avoid the shadows.
  • Have the angle at exactly the same angle as the picture so that you don't distort the image.
  • Take a photo with a lot of space around to allow for cropping the edges.
  • Edit to match as near as possible the colour of the painting.

3 ways to create a Christmas card:

  • Once you have a photograph you can enter it into a software package like Word or Publisher.  Save as a pdf file for the local printer to print.
  • Print and surface mount onto card stock, use a sticky fixer (3D) or double sided tape to fix.
  • Upload your photograph to a photo printing site such as Vistaprint, they have card templates and it is easy if you follow the steps.  You sometimes have to adjust the size and often can add a greeting on the front and inside.  

People love to receive personalised Christmas cards

This isn't the only Christmas scene, people have done many if you want to see the others I'll be posting them to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as we approach the Christmas season.

Follow me and turn on notifications on these accounts to keep up with posts and see the photos of class and workshop paintings.

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