Teapots - How to Paint Fast and Loose

Teapots - How to Paint Fast and Loose

We have been painting fast and loose, here you can see Pam's painting of a teapot. By using large brushes and starting with a drawing in paint we used a limited palette of Ultramarine and White to focus on tone. Our teapots took approx. an hour and were a great start to the new term.  

Tips for painting loose:

  • Ask yourself what brush you need, then use the next size up!
  • Make use of a long brush handle by holding it further back.
  • Don't hold your brush like a pen, grip over the top.
  • Stand up whilst painting and stand back every now and again to look; it helps you to see.
  • Squint, also helps with tonal value.
  • Try limiting your brushstrokes, load plenty of paint and keep the brush on paper until used up (count as one stroke).
  • Once you paint a stroke leave it and...
  • Have fun!

This will all add up to a more painterly approach.

Here is a video of a painting using some of these techniques, enjoy...

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