Memories of First Cherry Blossom Workshop - On this Friday!

Cherry Blossoms at Mitton Manor

Cherry Blossom Painting

In 2019 I spent the most wonderful Summer at Mitton Manor painting the beautiful gardens there.  

This time of year is when the Cherry Blossoms bloom - can't describe how wonderful this sight is - but I did have a go at painting it.

Cherry Blossom Group Paintings in Workshop

Here is a photo of my Cherry Blossom Workshop... this is a representation of the paintings we like in Paint with Debs - Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

I love to teach people how to paint and this was a wonderful Workshop, they really looked after us.

Thank you Elizabeth and Caitlin from Mitton Manor for this lovely memory.

If you'd like to take this workshop its on again this Friday (May 6th) in my Bradley Art Studio 🌸💗

Art collections came from this workshop, the originals are sold but you can get a print - take a look and let me know what you think of our Cherry Blossom giftware range too.