Two Point Perspective

In last ‘Tips on Tuesday’ we looked at the SAAs drawing challenge and their excellent introduction to perspective which uses one point perspective.  As the class this week is using a picture that uses two point perspective (our Greek architecture) I thought I would try a similar idea but with two point perspective.

Find out how to draw in two point perspective by following along as I draw step-by-step.  I will also be looking at viewpoint by creating a Greek building with columns similar to those we are painting within the class.  Firstly I will draw with the viewpoint head on and then we will adjust the viewpoint by placing our building on a hill and then taking a look with a birds eye view.  I am hoping it is clear but if you have any queries just comment below and I will endeavour to answer them.

Step 1 – Eye Level and Vanishing Points

Start by creating a line and marking two points either end that will represent our vanishing points in one point perspective as in the SAA’s introduction to perspective video there is just one vanishing point but in our example we are using two point perspective hence the two points.  If the building is at eye level draw a vertical line that crosses the horizontal as the horizontal line represents the eye level.

Step 2 – Building at eye level

Link the top and bottom of the building to the vanishing points with diagonal lines.  The shaded areas represent columns as they get nearer the vanishing point they get closer together.

Step 3 – Birds Eye View

If you want a different viewpoint then change where the initial vertical line sits. If you are looking at a closed box beneath your head you would see the top of it.  Note once you have drawn vertical lines to show each end of the box you get the edges of the top of the box by linking to the vanishing points on the opposite side from the top of these lines.

Step 4 – view of building above eye level

Here the box is floating and with the eye level lower you can see inside the box, to find the inside lines we have drawn all the vertical lines joining the vanishing points.  This is what we see in our drawing but their are rocks and a hill. If it had been a suspended empty box it would be like the drawing here.

But as our drawing is a Greek temple on a rock it has pillars, the vertical middle line is offset to one side but all the rules still apply.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and it’s clear, it makes more sense if you draw it out for yourself so why not have a go, perhaps post the results in the comments.  I plan to do a video of this as I think it will be much clearer, I’ll let you know when I have completed it!







Tips on Tuesday – Two Point Perspective

2 thoughts on “Tips on Tuesday – Two Point Perspective

  • October 12, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    That’s great Debbie…and explanation is clear. Thanks x

    • October 12, 2017 at 3:55 pm

      Thanks Ruth, pleased it was clear. It’s a practical thing, easier to get your head round doing than explaining. x


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