What is Plein Air Painting?

Plein Air painting is literally getting outside with your paint and brushes and doing a painting in the landscape at the site of the scene.  I say landscape but your subject may be buildings, people, animals, seascapes, the options are endless.  We’ve been in France five days now and have been loving both sketching ‘En Plein Air’ translated from French ‘In the Open Air’ and sketching and we are loving it! Read more at the Artists Network…. 

Whilst we are still in France busy sketching and painting En Plein Air I’m providing this link so you can get outside and have a go in your garden as Peter Wood is doing, I thought it was appropriate as his garden is in France! 

In the video he is showing his friend, a beginner, how to approach painting poppies using Acrylic as a medium as we have been and painting Plein Air.  I hope you enjoy.  For up-to-date information on both our painting trips and what else we have been up to and to see our paintings take a look at my Facebook page which is being regularly updated whilst we are in France.


Plein Air Painting – How to Start as a Beginner

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