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Mounting the Mountainscape Painting

We produced our Mountainscape paintings last term on velvet and for those who have not yet mounted them I wanted to show you how to do this. 

Thank you to Yvonne Giles for allowing me to take photographs as she finished her Mountainscape painting.

Step 1 – Line up onto canvas

Here you can see Yvonne lining up the finished velvet piece of work onto the canvas to ensure there is an even amount of space around each of the sides.  Note how much excess velvet is left around the edges.

Once happy with your lining up you must carefully flip the canvas.


Step 2 – Fold in one of the corners

This is the most difficult part as the material is thick but it is important to ensure neatness.

As you can see here it helped to have two pairs of hands!

You may need to cut some cloth out to get a neat corner.  Here you can see the corners being folded in diagonally.

A staple gun is used to staple the corner in place.

Step 3 – Staple down the sides

Once the corners are in place staple down the sides in regular intervals.  Keep the velvet cloth taught but avoid pulling the cloth out of place.

Step 4 – Staple the inner side

Staple the inner side by tucking the velvet in first, you may have to trim off some excess prior to stapling to make it neat.

Continue with this until you have completed all the way round.

And then enjoy the finished result…

Step 5 – The Finished Result

Thanks again Yvonne for helping with this blog post.

Thoughts on Thursday – How to Mount the Mountainscape Velvet Painting on Canvas

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