There are two tutors available to assist and guide.  This painting holiday is suitable for all levels, if you are a beginner you will be taken through how to approach a sketch and the process of painting plein air.

We will have a full itinerary including paint locations in your painting holiday pack.  You can see some of the surrounding areas and more information on Chateauponsac in the page.

As we are a small group of painters there will be the opportunity to develop your drawing and painting skills and experiment with new ideas and techniques under the guidance of both myself ( Debs) and Lydia.  We will be able to undertake sketching, keeping a holiday sketch record of all the locations that we visit, using graphite, ink and watercolour to record locations, buildings and capture the moment.  We will also be taking watercolours and acrylic paints outside to paint en plain-air.  For those that have not painted outside before you will enjoy experiencing capturing the bright colours and creating a painting that portrays the scene and atmosphere quickly on canvas.


One thing that we can’t guarantee is the weather, although it is generally beautiful in September in this region allowing us to paint outside…  We have a covered area where we can paint and complete the canvases already started on location or where we can experiment with new mediums or methods.  We will always be on hand to give advice and tuition whilst encouraging those who want to use their own styles to do so – we want everyone to get the best from their holiday.

We are in the very fortunate position of having a couple of areas back at our hosts home.  We have an outside undercover area, and access to several outbuilding which we can convert to a studio, the garden is not overlooked and ideal to practice our plein air artwork and there is plenty of outside space in the garden where we can complete our paintings.


We will generally be working with watercolour, acrylics as well pencil, pen  and ink.  Back at the studio there will also be a acrylic mediums which will aid with slowing drying time or glazing where needed.  

On location


There will be time off to relax and enjoy the surrounding areas, we will organise a couple of non-painting trips that you will be invited to attend.  If you wish to spend time to yourself you don’t have to attend every painting activity.  As well as sketch and plein air off site activities there will be some ‘how to’ paint activities in the ‘studio’.

Equipment and Materials Provided

All painters will be provided with an easel, portable chair and a  work box containing basic equipment such as pencils, ink pens, watercolour and acrylic paints (acrylics may be available in larger bottles to share).  A sketch pad and canvases will also be provided.  We are aware that many painters have favourite pencils, brushes or other mediums they like to use so if this is the case please bring them with you. 

You will also need to take photographs of your subject for reference, to enable you to finish your painting so bring along your cameras, camera phones or tablets.

Personal items to be considered include a hat, sunglasses, suncream, insect repellant, apron, sensible footwear and we hope not but you may need a waterproof jacket.

A complete list of equipment that we provide will be included within your painting holiday pack.