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Colour Workshop

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I love colour and would love to share this with you... In this Workshop we will explore how to mix colour, we will explore different colour restricted palettes and then move on to day two with how to match colour.

On day one you will learn how to use a colour wheel, how to make a colour wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  In the afternoon we will be looking at the way colours 'lean' and the differences in tonal value... this helps us to create bright or more natural colours.

Day two will cover how to match colours and with the knowledge from day one you will choose your palette for a photograph of your own choosing.  I will then paint an example painting that you can replicate (or you can paint from your own photograph) on this day we will work using your own colour palettes for a photograph of your choice.

We will be working with a restricted number of colours but at least two reds, two blues, two yellows, white and brown.  Bring something you would like to paint.

An equipment list and itinerary will be supplied prior to the Workshop.

This workshop has the option of booking day one, day two or both days and will be held at my Bradley Art Studio, Pennine, Smithy Lane, Bradley, ST18 9DZ. 

9.30 am Arrival, 4.00 pm Finish

You will have the opportunity to have lunch at the Red Lion (next door) or bring your own lunch.  More details of this will be sent out nearer the time of the Workshop.