Class Testimonials 2018

‘Lovely relaxed and friendly classes.  I have learned so much and grown in confidence.’

(Sue Tranter, Bradley Class, June 2018)

‘Enjoyed it immensely.’

(Yvonne Giles, Bradley Class, June 2018)

‘I am a novice painter, only joined the class in January… I have enjoyed the group, and the tuition is excellent.  Thank you Debbie.’

(Margaret Barrett, Bradley Class, June 2018)

‘Always cheerful and informal with lots of good advice.  Very clear communication about what is needed for each session.’

(Bob Jeays, Bradley Class, June 2018)

‘It’s great!!’

(Alan Houghton, Bradley Class, June 2018)

‘Inspiring and clearly demonstrated ideas and techniques designed to encourage and individually fulfil a creative outcome.’

(Julia Brown, Gnosall Class, June 2018)

‘Thanks Debbie for sharing all your vast knowledge with me and therefore improving my art work.’

(Jeanette Campbell, Gnosall Class, June 2018)

‘Debbie makes learning new art techniques a pleasure.’

(Peter Davies, Gnosall Class, June 2018)

‘Excellent. Plenty of instruction with no pressure.  Informative and a friendly group.’ 

(Pam Sparrow, Gnosall Class, 2018)

‘I am a complete beginner who joined Debbie’s class last term and am having a brilliant time learning lots of different techniques.

(June Bryant, Bradley Class, 2018)

‘Thoroughly enjoyable and informative class. Thank you Debbie.’

(Debbie Farmer, Bradley and Gnosall Class 2017)

Each class is a chance to be myself, express myself and have fun learning about using creative media.’

(Sheila Hall, Gnosall Class, 2018)

‘I would really recommend this class, Debbie is a fantastic teacher and I am learning so much.  It is excellent.’

(Nicola Malone, Gnosall Class, January 2018)

‘Really nice class, relaxing and friendly.’

(Cathy Hearsay, Gnosall Class, December 2017)

‘A highly creative and illuminating experience in a friendly atmosphere.  Rewarding and inspirational.’

(Julia Brown, Gnosall Class, 2018)

‘Great – not only a good hearted laugh but Debbie is a good artist and teacher.  Well done Debbie.’

(Jeanette Campbell, Gnosall Class, 2018)

‘Great class for all abilities.  Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.’

(Helen Hyland, Gnosall Class, April 2018)

‘Very welcoming and first lesson full of information.’

(Jane Malpass, Gnosall Class (first lesson), January 2018)

‘I found the group very friendly and helpful, with excellent teaching from Debbie.’

(Margaret Barrett, Bradley Class, 2018)

‘Really enjoyable and I have learnt so many new things.  Very friendly and sociable.’

(Yvonne Giles, Bradley Class, 2018)

‘I love it.  Permanently learning new materials, techniques.  Inspiring.’

(Mary Oldacre, Bradley Class, 2018)

‘Debbie is a mind of knowledge in mixed media.  I have learnt a great deal.  Thank you Debs.’

(Michelle Oldacre, Bradley Class, 2017)

‘I have learnt so much and have found that I can paint.  This is all credit to Debbie!’

(Liz Scott, Bradley Class, 2018)

‘I am learning a lot and enjoying the class very much; I find everyone very friendly and helpful.’

(Barbara Smith, Bradley Class, 2017)

‘Very well structured group.  Debbie teaches lots of varying techniques that keeps the classes interesting and very enjoyable.’

(Ruth Wright, Bradley Class, 2018) 

‘I’m a non-painter, and love the adventure of playing with different mediums in Debbie’s classes. 

(Andrea Lacy, Bradley Class, 2018)

‘When I joined Debbie’s class my only experience of art was learned at school.  However, I am so enjoying this mixed media class and am learning such a lot.  Debbie explains and demonstrates each project clearly and with great patience.’

(Christine Benton, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘Excellent Class.  Debbie explains everything clearly and gives good direction.  Lots of techniques to learn.  Thoroughly enjoy the sessions.’

(Ruth Wright, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘The class introduces us to new and old medias and materials available and teaches us different techniques, also drawing.  I love it.’

(Mary Oldacre, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘I think the teaching is excellent you are a mind of knowledge.’

(Michelle Oldacre, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘Very instructive and informative; have learnt an awful lot about colours and how they work together to get the best from them.  Lovely group of people who all get on well and help one another.  Interesting to see the varied interpretations of subject matter!’

(Tracey Hitchenor, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘This class has allowed me to use a variety of art mediums in a new and expressive way.  Debbie is a very inspirational teacher who has assisted my development.’

(Helen Simkins, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘Very enjoyable and interesing, I have learnt so much and met some lovely people.’

(Yvonne Giles, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘Great fun! Challengin and very rewarding.  Fabulous teaching and very confidence enhancing!!’

(Elizabeth Scott, Bradley Class, June 2017)

‘I am so enjoying the class – I love the freedom of expression and am learning so much.  Debbie is inspiring.’

(Judie Holt, Bradley Class, June 2017)