In the Studio - Now Back Online!

In the Studio - Now Back Online!

Art Studio in Bradley Now Online

During lockdown I would zoom my classes, last term I started to take classes back In Person and in my own art studio.  This term we can do both.  You can now either zoom into class or come In Person.  What's great is that those who zoom in can join in watching demos, having a chat and drinking tea with those who are in the studio (though they do have to make their own!)

Here is my new setup, you can't quite see the camera as its just out of the frame but its brilliant to be able to have all these options and I'm recording too so can add my lessons to Paint with Debs for those wanting video only.

I've really focused on this in January... next step working towards Open Studio to the public.  I'm putting this in practice next week with a Class Open Studio where I'm painting and they can come join me.  

I'll let you know how it goes.

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