'Paint with Debs' On-Line a Behind the Scenes View

My classroom setup on Tuesday morning.

'Paint with Debs'

Thought you might enjoy seeing a pic behind the scenes.  This is what the classroom looks like from my perspective.  Its great doing the live classes on a Tuesday morning. I love to see everyone and its so different from being in class as I get loads of painting done.  Here is the setup before Tuesdays class.

I then change it over to the video setup, I'll post a photo so you can take a different 'behind the scenes' look next week.

Anyone interested in joining our on-line class its less than £5.00 per week (£20.00/month).  This includes a weekly live class where you see me painting the next part of your project.  It also includes access to a membership site where you can view videos of me painting each step (of current and previous projects) so that you can paint at your own pace.  Finally there is access to a Private Facebook Group where you can join others to chat art and if you would like you can share your work.

Currently there is a 14-day free trial when you sign up so you can take a look around and join a couple of classes at no cost whatsoever.  This month we have been painting our Bald Eagle... you can see this months painting in the photo.