Sketch to Paint Holiday Ironbridge

In May 2018 we went on a Sketch to Paint three day holiday Workshop.  

Day One – Three Sketch Sites 

Coalbrookdale – What should I sketch?

Coalbrookdale Viaduct
Coalbrookdale Viaduct

Following a quick coffee at the hotel we started our sketching by visiting the grounds of the Museum of Iron at Coalbrookdale, here we found the Coalbrookdale Viaduct amongst lots of other buildings, chimneys, wheels, lots of old iron pieces, statues… here we decided how to narrow down what you would like to sketch… looking at light, using a viewfinder to decide your composition and trying to cut out too much detail.

Coalbrookdale Sketching
Coalbrookdale Sketching

We started off by doing pen or pencil drawings, keeping it simple.

Ironbridge Centre – How do I sketch Buildings?

Ironbridge Centre - Buildings, Sketching the Church
Ironbridge Centre – Buildings, Sketching the Church
Ironbridge Church
Ironbridge Church

Here I went over how to look at the angles of a building and measuring up using your pencil to get the proportions correct, we also covered using a soluble pen with water to produce a tonal sketch.

We went onto sketch the Church from the opposite side of the River to where all the shops and cafes are situated, this would have been a really good place to sketch the bridge from if it hadn’t been clad. We then walked over and had lunch in one of the cafe’s, (thank you Yvonne for organising this).

Ironbridge Cooling Towers

Following a return to the hotel to get into our rooms we had a wander down by the river.  We then found a spot where we could all put a little colour on our sketches, here you can see us sketching into the early evening, we were painting Ironbridge Cooling Towers that are soon to be demolished.

Of course it was not all sketching on return to the hotel we had a drink in the garden which was fantastic with the wonderful weather we had.

We rounded our day with an evening meal in the Best Western Valley Hotel, here we are winding down for the day..


Day Two – Our Chosen Sketch

China Museum - Coalport
China Museum – Coalport

On day two we went to Coalport to the China Museum, here there were lots of opportunities to sketch and we chose various places to sketch our final piece – we had the whole morning there before a lunch at the Maws Craft Centre and an opportunity to see others work in the various art and craft gallery/shops.

Me having a look at Jeanette's sketch of Coalport China Museum
Me having a look at Jeanette’s sketch of Coalport China Museum

I was on hand if anyone needed any advice with their sketches and after lunch we then went back to the hotel to do the drawings in preparation for the third day… Our paintings!  At this point everyone chose their medium of choice – either watercolour or acrylic.

Day Three – The Final Paintings

Debbie working on her Ironbridge Church painting in Acrylic
Debbie working on her Ironbridge Church painting in Acrylic

On the third day we headed back to our ‘Studio’ at Bradley Village Hall to complete the paintings in the medium of our choice.

Sketch to Paint Ironbridge 2018 - Final Paintings
Sketch to Paint Ironbridge 2018 – Final Paintings

Here you can see us working on them and a photograph of the end result.

Below I will add a gallery of the sketches and the paintings together.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the painting but also the time spent together, we had a the most fantastic time!

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