Daffodils featured in our second painting of the Spring Term.  I’ve been a bit remiss when it comes to taking the photos so I haven’t got many in the gallery but you can see the idea of what we planned to achieve.

This term is all about tone and we started doing a daffodil in black and white to highlight that it is the dark against light that creates the three-dimensional effect. 

You can see this in action in the painting featured left, the petals are curled through modelling using tonal value.

The next step was to paint another version in colour using the lessons from the first and referring back to the tonal study (see right). 

Those who wished to went further and created a field of daffodils.  For most of the paintings were used acrylic but for this painting we also looked at some watercolour techniques (although we still used acrylic on watercolour paper).

Gallery of Daffodils

I apologise to those whose paintings aren’t here because I forgot to take photos!

Daffodils – Tonal Value and Modelling

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